About Us

Welcome to Springer Bricks!

I emerged from my Dark Ages in 2001 with a goal of restoring and expanding my childhood #7742 train set.  After completing that project, I quickly moved on to others and have been (re-)enjoying LEGO ever since.  I still have a strong focus on trains and also enjoy the Winter Village series from LEGO.

I have been selling LEGO for over 10 years and look forward to the opportunity to fulfill your LEGO needs.

Most orders are shipped in bubble mailers.  I bag each lot (unique part/color) individually, sometimes in more than one baggie depending on the quantity and my inventory.  Minifigs are shipped unassembled unless you request otherwise.  I ship larger orders, orders with bulky parts, or orders with fragile parts in an appropriate box.

Typical Timeline

  • I generally ship orders within 3 business days of cleared payment.  Running my LEGO store is not my full time job.  I will do my best to follow this timeline but cannot guarantee I always will be able to. 
  • Please note - I am presently unable to meet my typical timeline above.  Please allow 6-14 days for shipment after order payment.

Part Quality

  • Minifigs are considered new when they are in the condition as originally shipped by Lego - Unassmebled minifigs will remain unassembled. Minifigs that come from Lego assembled will be shipped assembled.
  • New Parts are taken from sets and handled for sorting/storage only.
  • Used Parts generally exhibit light playwear. Light playwear includes small surface marks, small surface scuffs, and/or a loss of the “shine” that flat surfaces of new bricks have
  • Used parts that exhibit more severe playwear will have a description of the playwear in the part listing
  • Please contact me if you have any questions or would like pictures of the part prior to placing an order
  • I don’t give every part an in-depth inspection. Please contact me for pictures of parts or if you have any issues with part quality in your order.

International Orders

  • Actual purchase price will be marked on customs forms
  • Orders will be marked as merchandise
Last Updated: 5 Jul 2014